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my names elena. i really like pastels and anime




men gross me out so much
i see them and immediately don’t want to spend time with them or hear about them or imagine what theyre like

i know it can be cute and trendy to hate men but i feel actual physical disgust in regards to men almost always

And that’s the definition of a sexist

Thank you


Oh thomvp do we really have to go through why “reverse sexism” doesn’t exist, I thought we were all past this


My brother said something, but I’d been distracted by a nice flower in someone’s back yard.

Wanted to pick it for my girlfriend.

Then I realized she might be sad I killed it.

Seemed like something she’d get sad about.

Maybe not.

I could just say, “Here, I killed this for you.”

As in, “Of course I would kill something for you.”

As in, “Everything is potentially your gift.


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